CACAZI FA86 wireless bell with…

In an ordinary brown box with almost no identification marks, there are two receivers and one button. Coupon for shopping inside.

Let’s see what this product can do. In addition, a small instruction, a couple of mounting screws and a piece of double-sided tape. I remember many years ago, I had to lay a cable in the ground from the gate to the house in order to connect the bell. I got the first one. 70x46x23 mm My friend from the old owner has two left on the gate, but not one really works. By the way, the bell can be supplied in 3 versions of the latter, in particular for "our" outlet, which is good news. The call exists in white and black colors. There are a lot of wireless calls. Receiver: The receiver has two buttons: volume control and melody selection. Now this problem is solved much easier.

CACAZI FA86 wireless bell with independent button and two receivers. 92x62x31 mm, excluding plug. Reading reviews and reviews, I often see that in reality such calls do not “break through” walls or a fence. kindly agreed to send one of the options for such a call. Transmitter: Parameters from the product page: Among this variety, I was interested in a non-volatile button (works without batteries). And these are the same ones from the instructions that came with the kit. What is the reality. Not all options work well.